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2019 started with attending 8th Annual Crown Congress in Florida, USA

The year of 2019 began for Accell with the visit of Natalia Nayanova, Accell’s Founder and Director of Clinical Operations, to Orlando, Florida on January 22-24; Natalia attended 8th Annual CROWN Congress. This was an elite gathering of clinical decision-makers aiming at challenging the status quo. The attendants discussed innovative approaches and strategies to optimize clinical operations as the industry evolves.

About the 8th Annual Crown Congress

8th Annual Crown Congress was dedicated to clinical research and operations, as well as to worldwide networking. In the CROWN Congress’ 8th consecutive year, the event’s agenda highlighted additional areas such as clinical risk management, outsourcing strategies, operational metrics, risk-based monitoring, and patient engagement. Besides, Natalia was attending an extra Immuno-Oncology Seminar on January 22, 2019. Aside from engaging in presentations and seminars, Natalia Nayanova had a productive time of networking and meetings.

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