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Probably you have heard that today nearly 80% of clinical trials fail to meet enrollment deadlines and up to 50% of sites enroll one or no patients at all. This translates into solid sponsors’ losses of up to $8 million in lost revenue for each day that the trial delays the drug’s entry to the market.

Detailed information on this matter is available at Applied Clinical Trials.


Our Rescue Studies Recruitment

Breast Cancer

  • Accell – 0.9 pts/site/month
  • Rest of the World – 0.3 pts/site/month


  • Accell – 1 pts/site/month
  • Rest of the World – 0.4 pts/site/month

Ulcerative Colitis

  • Accell – 0.7 pts/site/month
  • Rest of the World – 0.3 pts/site/month

At Accell, we believe in an immediate response to a clinical trial rescue situation and have resources that are needed to accomplish just that. We operate under the highest standard of business ethics and our goal is to deliver timely results and friendly service to each client.

Proven past performance is the best indicator of future success.


We Simply Outperform


Cardiovascular and Endocrinology

  • Accell – 2.1 pts/site/month
  • Rest of the World – 0.3 pts/site/month


  • Accell – 0.97 pts/site/month
  • Rest of the World – 0.32 pts/site/month

Head & Neck Cancer

  • Accell – 0.6 pts/site/month
  • Rest of the World – 0.23 pts/site/month

Our Services


We work with our clients to assess the current situation in the clinical study and recommend the optimal pathway to possible clinical study rescue. Our services include:

Feasibility of additional sites in existing locations

Feasibility of addition of new countries and analysis of risks and benefits of expanding clinical trial geography

Functional outsourcing of clinical operational staff to join your existing team, when you need it, where you need it

Oversight and management of existing CRO vendor and review of existing project management practices for increased effectiveness

why clinical trials fail

The majority of clinical studies fall behind schedule, and in some cases, require clinical study rescue.

Most common reasons for clinical trials rescue are:

Lack of patient recruitment or patient non-adherence

Unnecessarily complex clinical study protocols or stringent inclusion/exclusion criteria

Changed availability of Sponsor’s internal resources

Lack of attention or resources of the current CRO

Weak project team communication


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Phase III clinical trial in cardiology for a global top-10 pharmaceutical company. Accell recruited 130% of promised patients before the deadline for patient recruitment. Read more

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After 16 months of slow recruitment, Sponsor addressed Accell to add an emergency country to rescue the study. Accell recruited 21.6% of total patients in just 6 months. Read more

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Accell recruited 84% of total patients, with only 65% of a total number of study sites, and made sure the Sponsor ended recruitment earlier than planned and faster entered the market. Read more

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