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Accell has launched new challenging projects

Accell’s team is enthusiastic to announce that it is about to start two new Phase III studies in oncology and ophthalmology. The Sponsor of the studies has previously faced recruitment challenges, which Accell will eagerly help overcome ensuring that the recruitment timelines are meticulously met.

As historically Accell has always been a top recruiter in all studies that the CRO participated in, with our proven site selection and management strategy and tactics, we are positive that this time will be no exception and that Accell’s team will once again beat recruitment challenges and foster faster innovation.

Should you be in search of a Contract Research Organization to outsource your clinical research needs, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team at bd@accellclinical.com. We will be excited to learn about your R&D process and provide you with reliable strategies to enhance your clinical research performance.

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