When you absolutely have to recruit patients on time

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This flexible and easy solution allows you to contract any number of monitors (CRAs), senior monitors, coordinators, and project managers for a specified time to supplement internal resources without expanding the in-house clinical team.


Flexibility of expanding the professional force across your entire clinical pipeline without the addition of permanent headcount to your company.

Dedicated clinical operations professionals working under the client’s project management. No hidden charges: FTE-based budget model with fixed and predictable pricing.

Deep integration of our outsourced professionals with the client’s team, existing resources, and tools.

A single point of contact at Accell to address all your staffing needs, from new requirements to financial and operational management of all ongoing projects.

Our Services

Our Services

We begin with a discussion of your goals and matching the most appropriate resources to fit your needs.

We define roles and responsibilities between parties, produce a communication plan and designate a single point of contact.

Outsourced staff are seamlessly integrated into the client’s clinical team while remaining employed at Accell and retaining full access to Accell’s comprehensive training program on professional and soft skills.

We continue dialogue throughout our engagement to ensure customer satisfaction.


From clinical research associates to hands-on founders, we fiercely pursue our strategic goal: deliver on schedule. We think of ourselves as your development partner, not a vendor.



Accell's global clinical trials capabilities

▼Roll the cursor over each country to see the number of registered clinical trials. List of all registered studies is available at ClinicalTrials.gov.



• The US has 1 clinical trial for every 3,000 people.
• Russia has 1 clinical trial for every 38,000 people.
• E.Europe has 1 clinical trial for every 13,000 people.




Outperforming in an Onco-Hematology Clinical Trial

Meticulously selected by Accell, Russian sites twice outperformed enrollment in Western European sites and 6 times in US sites. Read more

Inventive operational strategy for a cardiology rescue study

Phase III clinical trial in cardiology for a global top-10 pharmaceutical company. Accell recruited 130% of promised patients before the deadline for patient recruitment. Read more

Oncology Phase III Rescue Study

After 16 months of slow recruitment, Sponsor addressed Accell to add an emergency country to rescue the study. Accell recruited 21.6% of total patients in just 6 months. Read more

Top Recruiters in Ulcerative Colitis Phase III Study

Accell recruited 84% of total patients, with only 65% of a total number of study sites, and made sure the Sponsor ended recruitment earlier than planned and faster entered the market. Read more

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