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European one-portal Clinical Trials Regulation comes live (2023)

Since January 31, 2023, under the Clinical Trials Regulation, all initial clinical trial applications in the European Union must be submitted via a single EU portal – CTIS. Accell is ready to embrace the change. Read more

Romania’s regulatory approval procedures update (2022)

In July 2022, Romania harmonized its regulatory approval procedures to secure clinical trials start-up timelines in accordance with the EU Regulation. Read more

‘Best Clinical Trial Management Firm – Eastern Europe’ 2018 GHP Award

GHP magazine announced Accell Clinical Research as one of the winners of the Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2018, ‘The Best Clinical Trial Management Firm – Eastern Europe’. Read more

Oncology Insight: Russia (2016)

Julia Kondakov, Director of Business Development at Accell Clinical Research, explains why Russia is a gateway to strong patient recruitment for oncology trials. Written for Pharmafocus: “Collaborations in Oncology 2016”. Read more

Clinical Trial Opportunities in Eastern Europe and Russia (2016)

Dr. Natalia Nayanova reveals myths and realities on the subject of clinical trials in Russia, Eastern Europe, and CIS at 'Nordic Life Science Days' in Stockholm, Sweden. Read more

Oncology Treatment Network Structure in Russia (2016)

Discover how Russian healthcare system impacts the success of oncology clinical trials. Julia Kondakov provides valuable insights in her presentation. Read more



Outperforming in an Onco-Hematology Clinical Trial

Meticulously selected by Accell, Russian sites twice outperformed enrollment in Western European sites and 6 times in US sites. Read more

Inventive operational strategy for a cardiology rescue study

Phase III clinical trial in cardiology for a global top-10 pharmaceutical company. Accell recruited 130% of promised patients before the deadline for patient recruitment. Read more

Oncology Phase III Rescue Study

After 16 months of slow recruitment, Sponsor addressed Accell to add an emergency country to rescue the study. Accell recruited 21.6% of total patients in just 6 months. Read more

Top Recruiters in Ulcerative Colitis Phase III Study

Accell recruited 84% of total patients, with only 65% of a total number of study sites, and made sure the Sponsor ended recruitment earlier than planned and faster entered the market. Read more

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