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‘Best Clinical Trial Management Firm – Eastern Europe’ 2018 GHP Award

In September 2018, GHP magazine (Global Health & Pharma) announced Accell Clinical Research as one of the winners of the Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2018, ‘The Best Clinical Trial Management Firm – Eastern Europe’.

Svetlana Kazanskaya, Accell’s Director of Business Development, talked to a GHP Magazine’s reporter about the unique business principles and practices of the company that contributed greatly to its outstanding performance. Below is the article published in ‘GHP Q3 2018’ issue.

Best Clinical Trial Management Firm – Eastern Europe

Accell Clinical Research is a niche clinical research organization (CRO) that focuses on delivering high-quality clinical trial services in Eastern Europe, CIS, and Russia. We spoke to Svetlana Kazanskaya, Accell’s Director of Business Development, to learn more about the firm and the fascinating work it undertakes.

We truly believe that bringing more oncology clinical trials into our area could be a life-saving solution to people in desperate need for treatment. To do so, we have a dedicated team of staff who are truly exceptional and work hard to drive our firm towards this ambition. Everyone from the Director of Clinical Operations to project managers, CRAs, and assistants make their priority to deliver on promises.

“People is are our main focus, both on Sponsor’s side and internally. This is the reason why Accell gets an 80% return business and no more than 5% employee turnover rate. We are proud about having people who work with Accell since its foundation more than a decade ago. Dictated by our human-approach, we also take work personally meaning that our goal is to actually solve our client’s problem taking away all his headaches. Our principle is not to be a Sponsor’s vendor but becoming their trusted partner and making business in a close partnership-like collaboration.”

“Most Sponsors’ headaches these days is slow patient recruitment. The numbers are dreadful: 80% of all clinical trials fall behind schedule and a third of clinical sites never enroll a single patient. So, these delays create a huge impact on the untimely product market launch and companies’ financial losses due to not keeping up with set deadlines. At Accell, we have been historically high-recruiters in various indications always making sure our studies are performed on time. With a particular success in oncology patient recruitment, we managed to rescue a number of studies that were severely falling behind the schedule when Sponsors addressed Accell for help.”

“Many erroneously believe that it is more complicated to run a clinical trial in this territory than in the USA or Western Europe due to logistics, linguistic, or regulatory aspects. In fact, it is not so if a company manages to get a guidance from an experienced partner. The region has tremendously evolved in past decades making one of the best places to go to get high quality of data that receives regulatory agencies recognition worldwide. Both FDA and EMA willingly GHP / 2018 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 7
accept Russian and Eastern European data. Moreover, it is a fact that most clinical trials within Accell’s region tend to be more cost and time efficient.”

Specifically, in the healthcare and pharmaceutical space, the firm is constantly expanding its services and has recently redefined itself in a very particular niche which Svetlana is keen to showcase.

“Recently, Accell has launched its new brand ‘Accell Oncology’ to highlight our primary focus on oncology clinical trials. At the moment, Accell Oncology is the only oncology-specialized clinical research organization in Eastern Europe. This is dictated by Accell’s excessive experience, both of company and employees alike. We meticulously select the best professionals in the industry to maintain an academic level of expertise in our company. From co-founders with substantial oncology backgrounds to having 80% of clinical staff with Medical Doctor degrees, Accell Oncology offers an unparalleled level of support to oncology studies. The clinical sites under our management have been inspected both by the EMA and by countries’ Regulatory Authorities. Our strong history of audits confirms our commitment to quality work with 100% of Sponsor-initiated audits and inspections resulting in no major findings.

“Since its launch, Accell Oncology has supported global cancer research by facilitating clinical trials in Eastern Europe, former CIS countries, Russia and Ukraine. With a deep connection to the oncology sector on a professional and personal level, we make a commitment to helping find a cure. ESMO reports that treatments for advanced cancer are often unavailable or available only at substantial out of pocket cost in many Eastern European countries, compared to Western Europe. We help bridge the gap by bringing exploratory treatments available in oncology clinical trials to patients and to investigative sites.”

Oncology will remain a core focus for Accell as it looks towards a bright future, as Svetlana is excited to conclude.
“Looking ahead, Accell’s ongoing focus will remain on Oncology. Cancer is one of the leading causes of mortality worldwide, and the number of new cases is expected to rise by about 70% over the next twenty years. Globally, almost one in every six deaths is due to cancer. These numbers cannot leave us indifferent to a problem of global significance.”

Clinical Trial Management Firm Eastern Europe

Best Clinical Trial Management Firm – Eastern Europe
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