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Accell attends ‘Women Building Bio: the XX Factor’

September 2016 is an eventful month for Accell Clinical Research business development team: Julia Kondakov, Director of Business Development  and Accell’s Co-founder, will attend the conference ‘Women Building Bio: the XX Factor’ this Thursday, September 29, 2016.

‘Women Building Bio’ is a full day conference organized by Virginia Biotechnology Association spotlighting women leading and driving biomedical and life sciences innovation and commercialization. This conference grants perfect opportunity for strengthening and creation of new networks and collaborations in the state and region. The agenda includes world class leadership development sessions by University of Virginia Darden School Foundation Executive Education professors, panel discussions with outstanding women leading industry and research academia across Virginia and the region, and rich networking all day long.

Being proudly a member of Virginia Bio, Accell Clinical Research is also founded, owned and operated by women. It is a tremendous opportunity to meet like-minded organizations, and women working and providing leadership within the industry, to share experiences and to make an impact on the biomedical community.

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