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Accell Clinical Research Got CRO Leadership Awards for Reliability

“Accell Clinical Research is proud to announce the receipt of the 2015 CRO Leadership Award on Reliability, presented by Life Science Leader magazine. The award is a result of feedback survey by pharmaceutical and biotech companies in various categories of CRO services they received.

Julia Kondakov, Director of Business Development and co-founder of Accell Clinical Research, said “This is a very positive feedback for us. For years, we have been building relationships grounded in trust with our clients and mutual understanding with research centers. We are happy to see that these efforts not only bring high-quality data to our clients and better medications to more patients, but are also recognized publicly.”

“These awards were developed to assist life science executives and directors in their vetting process of CROs. The surveys and industry research for this award is managed by Nice Insight, the market research division of That’s Nice LLC. Nice Insight conducts an annual survey on pharmaceutical outsourcing practices to collect baseline customer awareness and customer perception of 100+ CMOs and 70+ CROs. The annual survey includes 250+ questions and is heavily logic based so that the right respondents are asked the right questions. This year over 2,300 pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical professionals participated in the survey.” Ed Miseta, executive editor, Life Science Leader Magazine.

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