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Accell Clinical Research participated in an international medical conference

Natalia Nayanova, Director, Clinical Operations at Accell Clinical Research, spoke at annual international scientific conference “Multidisciplinary clinic in ХХI. Extreme medicine” (St. Petersburg, April, 9-11).

The topic of presentation was “High-quality clinical trials of medications: CRO control”. It was part of “Quality assurance of pharmaceutical product clinical trials and medical device testing” workshop. Ms. Nayanova told about key aspects of CRO co-operation with investigator site which are important for data quality, patient safety and patient rights observance. She also busted the myth about mismatching interests of CRO and site. The presentation received a warm feedback from the auditory.

About the event:

The “Multidisciplinary clinic in ХХI” conference is a major event of the Russian healthcare & pharmaceutical industry, serving as a showcase for cutting-edge Russian and foreign medical technologies and products. The 11th meeting in 2015 is dedicated to solutions for Russia’s strategical task — providing high-quality and prompt medical aid even in extreme situations.

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