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Accell exhibited at ASCO Annual Meeting 2022

It was a pleasure to attend Accell’s first post-COVID in-person event – ASCO Annual Meeting 2022, a leading global event that unites oncology research-related organizations and experts from all over the world. In 2022, ASCO’s program offered over 200 presentations on the latest research in cancer care under a meeting’s theme: Advancing Equitable Cancer Care Through Innovation.

On June 4-6, 2022, Accell Oncology’s Business Development unit took pride in presenting Accell’s unparalleled capabilities as an oncology-focused CRO with a proven track record of being a top recruiter in all global oncology studies that the company participated in. Having a strong presence in Europe and within the Eurasian Economic Union, Accell provides Sponsors with predictable recruitment timelines while maintaining high-quality data for EMA and FDA approvals.

We enjoyed seeing our partners, colleagues, and friends at face-to-face meetings while establishing new connections and creating ground for future collaborations. We look forward to our next events.

Should you wish to learn how Accell could foster your clinical research progress, please get in touch with us to start a conversation.

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