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Accell Exhibited at Clinical Operations in Oncology Trials East Coast 2017, Boston, USA

It has been several years already as Accell Clinical Research exhibits at an operationally-focused oncology conference in Boston (USA) – Arena International’s Clinical Operations in Oncology Trials East Coast.  This year Julia Kondakov and Maria Mezentseva attended the event on July 11-12. The East Coast Conference in Boston biotech hub is tailored specifically for Clinical Operations, R&D, and Medical Affairs pharma and biotech representatives in the region.

It was a medium-size conference; nevertheless, Accell team managed to get engaged in a number of new connections with potential partners and clients. We were also delighted to meet our old friends within the industry who were either exhibiting or just passing by to say ‘hello’. It was a great pleasure to have an opportunity to share our knowledge and represent the numerous advantages of Eastern Europe as a potential region for successful clinical trials to all the participants, and we were really happy to see the interest and readiness to continue the conversation further on.

During the trip to Boston Julia and Maria were also invited to visit an American CRO’s office to discuss grounds for a potential partnership. Accell already had an experience of collaborating with the company on a few projects before, so this year’s meeting was a great boost to refresh our professional relationship, and we look forward to having even more opportunities to productively collaborate in the future.

Overall, it was a great experience and a productive trade show to establish new professional contacts, refresh our current relationships, learn about other companies and current trends in oncology clinical operations, and share our own insights and expertise in the industry.

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