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Accell has established an office in Romania

Accell Clinical Research is happy to announce that on July 4, 2022, the CRO has expanded its presence in the European Union by opening a new office in Bucharest, Romania. Accell’s Romanian office address is now Banul Antonache Street, No. 40-44, District 1, Bucharest, Romania.

It is Daniela Pirvu, MD, Accell’s long-term partner and highly experienced clinical research professional, who has been decided to head European clinical operations division. Ms. Daniela Pirvu has a vast experience of 17+ years in the field of clinical research throughout the entire cycle of clinical studies in phases I, II, III, and IV, bioequivalence, biosimilars, and medical devices and a vast expertise in a wide range of therapeutic areas along with an in-depth knowledge of the European regulatory environment. Thanks to the new partnership, existing project management practices, and the establishment of Accell’s presence within the European Union, the company has extended its geographical capabilities and includes such countries as Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia, Czechia, Poland, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Albania, Greece, France, Germany, Spain, Ireland, and the UK. Our map of regional capabilities and country-by-country breakdown is available at “Our Locations” section of the website.

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