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Accell is heading East. Meeting summary with Biolake.

Accell highly favors international collaborations and is always eager to establish new promising foreign acquaintances. Hence, on August 7, 2018, Accell’s team had the honor to meet a delegation from The Wuhan National Bio-industry Base and welcome it at our Clinical Operations Headquarters in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The Wuhan National Bio-industry Base, also known as the Biolake, is China’s second largest state-level biotech industrial base located in Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone.

About Biolake & the meeting

Construction of the Biolake started in 2007 after approval by the National Development and Reform Commission. Currently, it is a 12 sq.km property consisting of 6 major parks for biology innovation, biomedicine, biofarming, medical devices, medical health, and bioenergy. A bio-manufacturing park is a next step that will render Biolake a thorough R&D, incubation, production, logistics, administration, and residential complex.

Natalia Nayanova and Svetlana Kazanskaya, Accell’s Director of Clinical Operations and Director of Business Development, respectively, had a productive meeting with the Biolake’s delegation outlining common points of interest. It is obvious that China and Russia can benefit greatly by mutual collaboration and establish strong partnerships in R&D sector is no exception. Biolake’s representatives expressed a high level of interest towards collaboration with Accell given its extensive experience in oncology and prominent connections with key opinion leaders and sites in Eastern Europe and Russia. As a result of a meeting, we received a hearty invitation to pay a visit to the Wuhan National Bio-industry Base and attend some of the best and fruitful conferences in China. Thus, it seems Accell is getting on a verge of Asian expansion, and we very much look forward to doing it as soon as possible.

The Wuhan National Bio-industry Base (Biolake) Delegation at Accell Clinical Research Headquarters in Saint Petersburg, Russia

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