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Accell is a Member of Clinical & Contract Research Association (CCRA)

In September 2018 Accell Clinical Research became an official member of Clinical & Contract Research Association (CCRA) and agreed to abide by the Code of Practice. CCRA is an influential trade organization for UK companies involved in biopharmaceutical research. It is an honor for Accell not only to highlight its services within the Association but to be a unique representative of the whole Eastern European region for the UK clinical research.

It is a fact that currently, many advanced therapies are out of reach or available only at a substantial out of pocket cost in many Eastern European countries in comparison with Western Europe. So, Accell fights for bridging the gap, especially in oncology. With a goal to be a reliable liaison between pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry and patients, we keep on pursuing our innate mission to give hope to those struggling to get access to the latest life sciences innovations and have a hope for a cure.

Joining CCRA has a potential for Accell to shed light upon current situation and help both sides to have a mutually beneficial collaboration. Hence, Accell’s region’s population could obtain needed therapies via clinical research and UK pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies could have access to a large number of treatment-naive patients pool with a high retention rate and, as a result, faster time-to-market span.

Thus, Accell is eagerly seeking all upcoming opportunities to become an active part of the CCRA and collaborate closely with other members. By having Accell’s Associate Director of Business Development, Lester Powell, based in the UK, we believe that mutual beneficial growth and research advancements can be made. If you would like to have a face-to-face meeting and discuss clinical research options to optimize your budget and meet your needs, do not hesitate to contact us.

About Clinical & Contract Research Association (CCRA)

Clinical & Contract Research Association (CCRA) Certificate of Membership of Accell Clinical Research 2018 CCRA is a UK-based not-for-profit organization founded to represent independent clinical research contractors and allied industries. Clinical & Contract Research Association’s objectives include: representing the views and concerns of its members to the UK government and EU legislative bodies including regulatory agencies; promoting the benefits of clinical contract research to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries; and providing networking opportunities, in the UK and overseas, to and on behalf of members.

These events range from targeted seminars and presentations, informal networking nights through to annual summer reception on the Terrace of the House of Lords and high-level receptions abroad.

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