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Accell strengthens the business development team

This March Accell’s Business Development team is excited to welcome on board Mr. Lester Powell, Associate Business Development Director based in the United Kingdom.

Mr. Powell is a front-runner professional with more than 20 years of successful marketing and sales experience in various highly competitive industries such as clinical trials, life sciences, logistics, and publishing. With prominent communication, management and problem-solving skills along with the knowledge of pharmaceutical market specifics, Mr. Powell is strongly positioned to elevate Accell’s presence within the life science industry to a new level. Mr. Powell’s experience of working in 35 countries and his understanding of various cultures are solid assets that will help reinforce Accell’s relationships with current partners and clients worldwide and build new partnerships. With a wealth of business development knowledge and fresh ideas and insights, Mr. Powell is committed to making every collaboration a pleasant journey and a success.

Accell strengthens the business development team

Apart from his professional achievements, Mr. Powell has a diverse array of personal interests and hobbies such as sailing, camping, traveling, home DIY, theatre and many more. He used to be moorings secretary and race official at his local sailing club in the UK where he still plays an active role but now concentrates more on home life with his growing family.  Mr. Powell is also a backstage crew member for theatre groups.

Get in touch with Lester

To contact Mr. Powell please email him at lester.powell@accellclinical.com. You can also get in touch with other members of the Business Development Team on ‘Contact Us’ page.

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