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Accell’s Annual Corporate Training 2019: Russian & USA teams meet up

On July 3-5, 2019, Accell’s team went outside St. Petersburg to a beautiful resort located in Repino just 30 minutes away from the city. It was Accell’s annual corporate training 2019 that brought together the whole team not only from Accell’s Russian office but from the USA as well. Our American teammates honored our local Russian office with their presence and personal involvement in all planned corporate activities. Accell’s Russian team also did a great job supporting their American colleagues and making the gathering an international event. All presentations and communications were held exclusively in English during the training.

There were three days stuffed with presentations and valuable information. We thank all presenters for their desire to share knowledge and experience: Natalia Nayanova, Elena Gorelova, Kirill Zhuravlev, Dmitriy Klestov, Ekaterina Sizova, Irina Podoshevskaya, Nikita Yegorov, Nadezhda Vasilieva, Vladimir Gliut, and Igor Podolyak. At the training, presentations covered such crucial topics as:
– refreshment of ICH GCP essential information
– implementation of an efficient quality management system
– site management strategies
– feasibility and investigators and site selection process
– vendors selection and management
– regulatory aspects of clinical trial conduct
– informed consent
– safety issues in clinical trials
– project communications
– cross-cultural communication.

Annual Corporate Training 2019 at Accell Clinical Research presents its international team from Russia and the USA

Overall the whole team had a fantastic experience of learning, communicating, and interacting with each other. During the 3-day event, the team had a marvelous dinner with excellent food, entertainment, and some dancing to make sure the team grows strong internal bonds.

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