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Accell’s Professional Development Seminar

Accell emphasizes constant education and development for every team member in order to withstand any challenges that a field of clinical trials management might face; this is why every year, for a decade already, the company has been organizing off-site trainings and seminars for its team to foster never-ending learning process, team building, and self-awareness both as a professional and an individual.

The 2017 corporate training was filled with energy, enthusiasm, and great passion for our common goal. From June 21 to June 23 the whole team merged deeply into learning and knowledge sharing.

On day one key team members gave valuable presentations regarding company’s development strategy, its last year success highlighting results of our mutual work, new standards, policies and industry updates (including new GCP edition), as well as some tips on better communication strategies to win even more projects in the future and strengthen our professional image. Thanks to all speakers who put their best efforts into delivering effectively all that information: Natalia Nayanova, Kirill Zhuravlev, Elena Gorelova, Dmitry Klestov, and Olga Nayanova.

Days two and three were of a different genre, but of a great importance as well. With the guidance and support of business coaches Accell’s team plunged into a deeper understanding of their own and other people nature and values, physical, mental, and emotional needs and learned about the general curve of a mankind development through a perspective of a theory of Spiral Dynamics. This theory helps understand various worldviews and ways of thinking that are profoundly relevant to a range of areas including leadership, conflict management, organizational change, communication & marketing, working with diverse communities, and cultural transformation. We would like to thank all team members for their support, positive attitude and willingness to plunge into knowledge and new experiences.

The highlight of the out-of-office team’s gathering was a celebration of Accell’s 10-year anniversary in a beautiful restaurant at the resort where the whole 3-day event took place. Accell’s employees astounded immensely with their proactivity in terms of preparation and event organization. Accell’s co-founders, Natalia Nayanova and Julia Kondakov, were cordially touched by the warm words, a ten-year summary collage with the memories and company’s history, inventive songs (it sounded almost like an anthem with creative and straight-to-the-point lyrics), poetry readings, and surprise quiz games. Everyone seemed to be inspired by the evening and, hopefully, saved some great memories of the event.

Accell cannot wait to experience the next decade of productive work, new experiences, and mutual growth! Thank you, everyone, for being such a great support and a reliable partner in our goal to deliver the best clinical trial management services and develop the industry with our impact.

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