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ASCO 2019 Annual Meeting: highlights from an oncology CRO’s perspective

Having successfully presented Accell Oncology, new company’s branch that focuses on running cancer clinical trials in Eastern Europe and Russia, Accell continued its collaboration with the world’s leading oncology event that ASCO Annual Meeting has always been. On June 1-3, 2019 Accell was once again presenting its capabilities at ASCO’s exhibition hall at McCormick Place located in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

ASCO 2019 Highlights

ASCO 2019 Annual Meeting hosted this year more than 32,000 cancer experts from around the world. There was a lot of activity during the days of the Meeting, with multiple presentations showing the benefits of various oncology treatments. More than 2,400 abstracts were accepted for presentation at the Annual Meeting, and more than 3,200 additional abstracts were accepted for online publication.

Advances in targeted therapies for pancreatic, prostate, and pediatric cancers, as well as new approaches to overcoming limited access to cancer care, were among the topics being highlighted at ASCO 2019.

Dr. Igor Rybkin, a medical oncologist at the Henry Ford Cancer Institute in Detroit who Accell established a prominent connection with, commented that this year there was a lot of preliminary data encouraging creation of new clinical trials; however, he noticed, there were not so many astonishingly breakthrough innovations presented, and the main focus remained on search for new treatment combinations.

Oncology CRO’s Perspective at ASCO 2019

As always, it has been an important yearly milestone for Accell Oncology to present to the American pharmaceutical and biotechnological market a tremendous opportunity of conducting clinical trials within Eastern Europe and the post-Soviet region. This year Accell’s team received a lot of positive feedback from the North American and Western European colleagues regarding a possibility to expand a clinical trial’s geography to Eastern Europe. For instance, we heard a number of affirmative stories about successful “Russian clinical trial experience” from medium-size pharmaceutical companies.

Being an oncology-specialized CRO, Accell believes in making a difference, having an impact on the advancement of treatments and giving hope to patients. Eastern Europe and post-Soviet countries (such as Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, etc.) are highly populated territories with a great number of under-treated patients (in comparison with Western Europe and North America). By bringing more clinical trials to our region of operation we are not only helping pharmaceutical and biotech companies speed up their research and assuredly meet deadlines, but also making treatments available to those who desperately need them.

Our team was thrilled to meet and talk to our current partners across the globe as well as to establish new prominent connections. In our belief, it is a collaboration and effective communication that fosters global research and makes the progress and achievements of goals possible for everyone: researchers, doctors, patients, investors, and other industry participants.

Save the date for ASCO 2020

Accell Oncology will be exhibiting again at ASCO Annual Meeting 2020 from May 30 until June 1st, 2020 at booth #13104. Save the date and meet our team there. We will be excited to share our updates and industry insights.

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