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ASCO 2018 Annual Meeting: Presenting Accell Oncology

This year Accell Clinical Research celebrated its 3d anniversary of exhibiting at the leading oncology industry event – ASCO 2018 Annual Meeting. The meeting of American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) took place in Chicago, the USA from June 2nd till June 4th in the USA’s largest convention center. Every year more than 40,000 oncology professionals from around the world flood the famous McCormick Place to learn and share latest developments in treating the disease. This year it was no exception. The updates at ASCO have an utmost influence on the industry and can be practice-changing for doctors, life-changing for patients, and market-moving for investors.


Introducing Accell Oncology at ASCO 2018

Exhibiting at ASCO 2018 was also a crucial milestone for Accell since the company presented for the first-time its new branch – Accell Oncology. Accell Oncology proudly stands for currently being the only oncology-specialized CRO in Eastern Europe and Russia. We believe in making a difference, having an impact on the advancement of treatments and giving hope to patients. Eastern Europe and CIS countries are highly populated territories with a great number of under-treated patients (in comparison with Western Europe and North America). By bringing more clinical trials to our region of operation we are not only helping pharmaceutical and biotech companies speed up their research and assuredly meet deadlines, but also making treatments available to those who desperately need them.

Having a deep connection to the oncology sector on a professional and personal level, we make a commitment to helping find a cure. And this is the primary message that business development and clinical operations units communicated throughout the show. It was a pleasure to be enthusiastically welcomed and receive positive feedback from our colleagues, strategic partners, and other industry professionals. The whole team had a fantastic experience exhibiting at ASCO 2018 this year. And now we are looking forward to more exciting opportunities with ASCO Annual Meeting next year.

Save the date

Accell will be exhibiting again at ASCO Annual Meeting 2019 from June 1st until June 3d, 2019 at booth #17153. Save the date and meet our team there. We will be excited to share our updates and industry insights.

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