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Clinical Operations in Oncology Trials East Coast 2016, Boston

It is a second year in a row that Accell Clinical Research is participating in Clinical Operations in Oncology Trials (CTO) East Coast in the Boston biotech hub. CTO is the only operationally-focused oncology conference in the USA with a dynamic program specifically tailored for the industry and by the industry. This conference is an important milestone for Accell Clinical Research since its main focus of operation is oncology with a vast expertise in conducting clinical trials in Russia and Eastern Europe.

This year Accell Clinical Research takes a step further into integrating with the industry and local representatives by giving a lecture about the structure of the oncology care network in Russia and the advantages of this setting for clinical trials. On Thursday, July 14, 2016 Julia Kondakov, Director of Business Development and Managing Member, is presenting at an 11am session. Everyone present at the conference is welcome to come and listen.

In case you are not attending, but would like to get a better insight into benefits and advantages of working with the oncology sites in Russia, please, contact Julia at bd@accellclinical.com.

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