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Clinical Trials Russia 2018 by Adam Smith Conferences

On November 13-14, 2018 Natalia Nayanova, Accell’s Founder and Director of Clinical Operations, attended an Adam Smith Conference ‘Clinical Trials Russia 2018’ held in Moscow, Russia. This is the only international event that is dedicated to discussing the regulatory, ethical, and operational aspects of running clinical trials in Russia.

About the conference ‘Clinical Trials Russia 2018’

Clinical Trials Russia 2018 by Adam Smith Conferences

The conference ’Clinical Trials Russia 2018’ took place at InterContinental Moscow Tverskaya Hotel. More than 40 speakers presented the latest information and updates within the pharmaceutical industry of the Eurasian Economic Union. Many new topics were brought to life during the event:
– clinical research perspectives in the region in accordance with the common rules for the countries in the Eurasian Economic Union;
– hands-on aspects and updated checklists of the Russian Regulatory Agency;
– big data in clinical trials;
– experience and perspectives of eClinical Trials;
– risk management in clinical trials in Russia;
– a patient-centric approach in clinical trials.

Natalia Nayanova also highlighted such important aspects during the conference as a harmonization of the rules for a clinical trials conduct in the region and the rising importance of such countries as Kazakhstan in terms of augmenting a number of clinical trials. Besides, Russia will be getting more active in the field of clinical research of medical devices, so upcoming changes in regulatory procedures sound extremely optimistic.

“I was pleased to hear presentations given by national regulatory agencies representatives (such as RosZdravNadzor). They were enthusiastic about reinforcing effective collaborations within the clinical trials landscape. Obviously, a clinical trial is a multifunctional process in which all parties should unite within their capacities in order to make the process as effective and optimal as possible. This also includes becoming advocates both of quality and protection of patients’ rights”, – says Natalia Nayanova. She mentioned as well that roundtables to establish partnerships were well organized and gathered together all participants of a complicated process that a clinical trial is including sponsors, regulators, patients, investigators, and CROs.

To sum up, ‘Clinical Trials Russia 2018’ was a great event with the main goal to establish strong partnerships, bring ideas of closer collaborations and reinforce the Eurasian Economic Union as an attractive region for clinical trials both for national and foreign biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

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