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ESMO Annual Congress 2018: Accell Oncology Entered Europe

This October Accell has exhibited for the first time at ESMO Annual Congress 2018. The event was held in Munich, Germany from October 18 until October 22, 2018. The European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) is the leading European professional organization for medical oncology. ESMO 2018 Annual Congress gathered more than 18,000 attendees in an impressive venue ‘Messe Munich International’ for collaboration, knowledge sharing, exhibiting, and networking. Under the tagline “Securing access to optimal cancer care” this year, the Congress became a multi-professional platform for oncology education and exchange.

Accell Oncology at ESMO Annual Congress 2018

Accell Clinical Research (Accell Oncology) at ESMO Annual Congress 2018 | Natalia Nayanova, Olga Nayanova, Svetlana Kazanskaya, Lester Powell

Accell’s Business Development team under the direct guidance of the company’s Founder and Director of Clinical Operations, Natalia Nayanova, had productive meetings with current and prospective business partners. Accell’s team was also represented by Svetlana Kazanskaya, Business Development Director, Lester Powell, Associate Business Development Director, and Olga Nayanova, Accell’s Marketing Manager, at ESMO Annual Congress 2018. During the exhibition days, the team had a fantastic opportunity to strengthen Accell’s current connections with European leading oncologists and medical doctors as well as to establish new relationships. We strongly believe in human-to-human approach when building connections, since, apart from the evident professionalism of all parties involved in a project, trust and mutual respect are a driving force of any successful partnership.

Accell Oncology was truly proud to be a part of such an important industry event and was enthusiastic about sharing its recent insights on oncology clinical trials optimization, specifically by going off the beaten track and exploring new geographies. These strategies often help to expedite clinical research in challenging indications. At ESMO Annual Congress 2018, Accell’s team was thrilled to reveal its secrets to fast patient recruitment all while maintaining the high quality of data in Eastern Europe and Russia. With an extensive experience in conducting oncology clinical trial research in the area and having assured relationships with key opinion leaders and oncology sites, Accell Oncology consistently becomes a trusted preferred regional partner.

Overall, the exhibition at ESMO Annual Congress 2018 was a great experience for the whole team and we are looking very much forward to participating in the next ESMO Annual Congress that will take place in Barcelona, Spain in 2019 from September 27 until October 1.

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