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Even during the pandemic 2020 Accell continues to work

During these hard times, when the world got overwhelmed with the pandemic and economic consequences, we wanted to assure you that Accell keeps working to its fullest extent even though all our employees were transferred to home-based working since March 2020 to ensure everyone’s safety. Even though we all work from our homes and are in need to readjust our procedures, we still manage to make sure all our current projects and trials keep ongoing.

Our Medical Department holds a full range of activities distantly: we do reviews of e-CRFs, laboratory tests of patients, consulting of CRAs, and effectively plan safety procedures.

Accell’s Clinical Department team successfully manages and resolves all uprising issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic situation making sure we do not put any life at risk. For instance, we have introduced changes to patients’ visits to sites. Thus, when possible, investigators would perform visits to patients making sure, though, that all safety precautions are taken, and everything is registered in source documentation. Besides, we minimized all physical contacts and started to use taxi services whenever any documentation needs to be transferred to or from a patient. Otherwise, patients communicate with their investigators via phone calls. Whenever samples have to be taken, a local laboratory nurse visits patients at their homes so that patients do not need to visit sites themselves.

However, patients’ recruitment had to be stopped until the end of pandemic limitations imposed by countries’ governments, as well as onsite monitoring activities were temporarily suspended and replaced with remote monitoring visits for all studies. We are thankful to all our sponsors for their understanding and collaboration since we all never felt and shared so strongly ever before the same goal of saving as many human lives as possible.

Nevertheless, let’s stay positive! As we all know, every cloud has a silver lining, and we do hope that very soon all our lives will be back to normal for good with even more studies and more projects on the way, the ones that would give hope and save many more lives.

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