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Partnering at BIO-Europe 2019

BIO-Europe® is held annually in different cities and is an international forum to promote business development between pharmaceutical, financial, and biotechnology companies.

In November 2019 Natalia Nayanova, Accell’s founder and Managing Member, attended BIO-Europe 2019 held in Hamburg, Germany on November 11-12. BIO-Europe is known as Europe’s largest life science partnering conference that offers countless opportunities to engage with global life science partners, so this year’s event was no exception. During the event, Accell had many possibilities to engage in productive discussions concerning patient recruitment rates in various therapeutic areas.

An important lesson learned during the event was the fact that many European and American companies are yet unaware of numerous benefits of conducting their research in Eastern Europe and Russia. In these areas, patient recruitment is always steady and predictable if a partnering CRO knows well the region and sites, plus it has prominent connections with the local investigators and optimizes a site-selection strategy.

BIO-Europe 2019 in Hamburg, Germany

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