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Russia and World Cup 2018: Myths vs. Reality

As most of you know the FIFA World Cup 2018 has just triumphantly ended in Russia. This event brought hundreds of thousands of football fans from all over the world to witness a spectacular month-long tournament all dedicated to soccer. It is high time now to summarize how this event helped change people’s view of Russia. According to online sources, the World Cup has transformed “the perception that the world has about Russia”. As Gianni Infantino, FIFA president, told in Moscow Bolshoy Theater on July 14, 2018, standing alongside Russian President Vladimir Putin: “Myths and stereotypes have been dispelled”.

It is amazing how fast the word of mouth spreads with current social media. It was amazing to find out tons of articles and videos dedicated to people’s positive impressions after visiting Russia this summer. According to them, everyone had a great experience regarding many aspects: cultural, linguistic, humane, organizational, travel-wise, etc. So, we have decided to share one of those videos with a very enthusiastic and emotional narrative by a father and his son from the UK.

For Accell’s team, it was particularly touching to hear about Saint Petersburg experience. This is the city where Accell’s clinical headquarters are located.


Clinical Trials in Russia: Myths and Realities

By the way, did you know that Accell’s founder and Director of Clinical Operations, Natalia Nayanova, has already covered a topic of dispelling myths about clinical trials landscape in Russia? She gave an extensive presentation at Nordic Life Science Days in Stockholm, Sweden in 2016 revealing major myths and realities on the subject of clinical trials in Russia, Eastern Europe, and CIS. Follow the link to find out about preconceptions and actual opportunities in detail.

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