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Syntax and Accell announce a strategic CRO partnership: East meets West

In November 2019 Syntax for Science, a full-service CRO operating in Spain with 20+ years of experience in clinical research, and Accell Clinical Research, an international full-service CRO providing clinical trial services in Eastern Europe, post-Soviet countries, and the USA for over a decade, announced their strategic CRO partnership to enhance clinical trial performance, overall Sponsor’s experience, and their geographic coverage.

Generally, clinical trials become larger and more complex requiring both denser regions’ coverage with secure patient recruitment and a comprehensive system of gathering and analyzing received data. Thus, before forming a partnership, both companies found the collaboration a beneficial endeavor to enhance and strengthen each other’s capabilities. Accell’s steady patient recruitment metrics, its broad geographic coverage, and strong clinical operations forces will reinforce Syntax for Science. In the meantime, Accell Clinical Research will benefit from extensive Syntax’s data management and biostatistics capabilities along with its presence in Western Europe.

Since the summer of 2019, Syntax for Science and Accell Clinical Research have been harmonizing all major operational processes and companies’ standards. For both CROs, it was essential to conclude that they both adhered to the same business philosophy along with corporate ethics, including management systems, transparent budgeting, communication models, and mutually shared values and vision.

Syntax for Science and Accell Clinical Research are enthusiastic about the announced partnership, and both companies look forward to building a remarkable collaboration to bring global clinical trials to a new level of excellence.

About Syntax for Science

Syntax for Science Logo - CRO in Spain

Syntax for Science is a full-service CRO specialized in statistics and data management services for clinical studies providing support in all phases of clinical development. Founded in Spain with an international vocation and 20+ years of experience in clinical research, Syntax for Science combines its international know-how with the flexible and tailored services of a local enterprise. Syntax’s mission is to provide the best solutions adapted to clients unique and specific needs, which is only possible with a pioneering mindset and the best team.

About Accell Clinical Research

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Accell Clinical Research is an international full-service clinical CRO supporting innovation with superior clinical trial services in Eastern Europe, CIS, and Russia for over a decade. Backed by strong operational strategy and leadership, a devoted team of medical professionals in each country, connections to prominent medical institutions, and with offices located in the USA, Russia, Europe, and Ukraine, Accell guarantees to deliver each clinical trial on schedule.


Syntax for Science
Parc Bit, Edif. Disset A2
07121, Palma de Mallorca – Spain
Email: info@syntaxfs.com

Juan Vicente Torres, MSc
Chief Executive Officer

Accell Clinical Research
101 E. Culpeper St., Suite 102
Culpeper, VA 22701 USA
Email: bd@accellclinical.com

Natalia Nayanova, MD, MBA
Co-founder & Managing Member

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