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Philip SIgalov, Director of Clinical Operations at Accell Clinical Research

Philip Sigalov, MD, PhD

Director of Clinical Operations

Philip obtained his MD degree by graduating from the Medical Military Academy, Saint Petersburg, Russia and got his PhD degree after a successful graduation at the Department of Forensic Medicine with a specialization in medical malpractice and source documents and document flow expertise. Philip’s second specialization is pathology and cancer research that he received in Israel in 2004. Before joining the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Sigalov has been practicing forensic medicine and pathology for more than ten years.

In 2004 Philip started working in clinical trials. Since then, Mr. Sigalov has been employed at top CROs and obtained a vast CRA (clinical research associate) experience. Since 2012 he has been acting in different manager positions. During this period Philip has held the positions as
– Global Activate (Start-up) Team Lead for international multi countries studies,
– Line Manager,
– Global Clinical Team Lead,
– and Project Manager working with European countries and coordinating all issues at every stage of clinical operations from start to finish of a trial.

Throughout his career in clinical trials, Philip has performed start-up management, project management, and project director functions in more than 35 phase I-IV clinical trials in different therapeutic areas at sites all over the world (European Union, Eastern Europe, USA, Latin America). Given Philip’s experience, he continually supervises and supports project managers and CRAs throughout a trial. He always makes sure that whenever any issue arises, it is solved efficiently and promptly.

Finally, being a source document expert, Philip holds his trainings for CRAs regarding source document review and ALCOA-C principles, and he consults the staff accordingly.

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