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ASCO 2019 Annual Meeting: highlights from an oncology CRO’s perspective

Having successfully presented Accell Oncology, new company’s branch that focuses on running cancer clinical trials in Eastern Europe and Russia, Accell continued its collaboration with the world’s leading oncology

Accell Presents an Online Oncology Platform – “OncoForum”

Accell Oncology is ready to introduce an innovative approach to organize advisory boards and provide consultancy services with oncology key opinion leaders (KOLs) at the top-level of expertise via

2019 started with attending 8th Annual Crown Congress in Florida, USA

The year of 2019 began for Accell with the visit of Natalia Nayanova, Accell’s Founder and Director of Clinical Operations, to Orlando, Florida on January 22-24; Natalia attended 

Accell’s Progress Summary Over 2018

It is the end of 2018, so it is high time to summarize our company’s success over the past year. Natalia Nayanova, Accell’s Founder and Clinical Operations Director, shares

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